What is a Galeb DUHR?

What is a Galeb DUHR?

Galeb duhr ( sing & pl; pronounced: /geɪlɛb ˈdɔːr/ gay-leb DOR) were magical creatures of stone that appeared almost like animated boulders, with the power to control the rocks around them.

What do Galeb DUHR eat?

Galeb duhr have no natural enemies, other than those who crave the gems they collect. Galeb duhr eat rock, preferring granite to other types, and disdaining any sedimentary type. The rocks they eat become part of the huge creatures; such a meal need take place only once every two or three months.

What is a death Slaad?

Death slaadi, also known as the lesser masters, were possibly the most deadly of the slaad race, responsible for organizing the disorderly creatures into mobs and releasing them across reality to wreak havoc.

How big is a zaratan?

The Zaratan is a gigantic sea turtle described in folklore and literature, whose shell looks like a sloped, rocky mound several hundred feet in diameter. Sailors mistakenly see its shell as a small tropical island, and in their search for fresh water and food drop anchor and land.

What do you do with a galeb duhr?

If annoyed by an intruder, however, a galeb duhr could be a powerful opponent, and would not hesitate to fight using its powerful control of the element of earth. They could also pummel an enemy with their rocky appendages, bite, or roll at them.

What did a dead galeb duhr look like?

A dead galeb duhr was nothing more than a normal boulder. A galeb duhr had no internal organs at all. They were simply made from solid rock. When it died, the parts of its body were indistinguishable from other rock.

How big is the territory of a galeb duhr?

The territory of a galeb duhr was typically one to four square miles. They would often set up natural traps against intruders. In areas where forested and mountainous terrain met, they would often work together with treants to defend their mutual territories. Alliances between galeb duhr and pech were also known.

What kind of religion does galeb duhr have?

Galeb duhr spoke Terran, and some were reported to speak Giant and Dwarven. Galeb duhr did not seem to have a religion, per se, but they believed in what they called “earth power”. In places of stone and rock, galeb duhr felt stronger.