What happens if you get bitten by a Sydney funnel web spider?

What happens if you get bitten by a Sydney funnel web spider?

​Funnel web spider In some rare, extreme cases the bite can be fatal. Symptoms of funnel web spider bite include tingling sensations around the lips, sweating, nausea, vomiting, headache and high blood pressure and, in serious cases, fluid in the lungs and unconsciousness.

Can you survive a funnel-web spider bite?

The toxin produces a rapid effect on the nervous system. Though there have been 13 recorded deaths from funnel-web spider bites, some cases do not always develop severe symptoms. However, the same precautions first aid should be administered because, if untreated, a major bite may cause death within an hour.

How deadly is a Sydney funnel web spider?

The bites of the Sydney funnel-web spider (Atrax robustus) and northern tree-dwelling funnel-web spider (Hadronyche formidabilis) are potentially deadly, but no fatalities have occurred since the introduction of modern first-aid techniques and antivenom.

What does a Sydney funnel web spider bite look like?

The original bite may be small and may progress to a blood blister and look like a bull’s eye. (This is similar to the appearance of a brown recluse spider bite.) The area affected by the bite may become deeper.

What is a Sydney funnel?

Sydney Funnel Web Spider Facts. The Sydney funnel web spider (Atrax robustus) is another funnel web spider that typically exists within the radius of 100 km (62 miles) of New South Wales and Sydney (Australia). The length of these species ranging from 1 to 5 cm (0.39 to 2.0 inches); and they appear as brown, black blue-black color.

Is the Sydney funnel web spider aggressive?

Aggressive Attackers. Unlike most other spiders, the Sydney funnel-web spider is very aggressive and will ambush and bite its victim several times with some killer fangs that can cut through thick leather. Those fangs point downward, but they are as sharp as needles and longer than the fangs of some snakes.

What eats a funnel-web spider?

Centipedes are expert funnel-web predators, and will readily enter the retreat, attack and consume the occupant. Outside their retreat, funnel webs are far more vulnerable and wandering spiders have a whole spectrum of hungry animals quite willing to deal with them. These include birds, small mammals and reptiles.

What does Sydney funnel-web spider mean?

The Sydney funnel-web spider ( Atrax robustus) is a species of venomous mygalomorph spider native to eastern Australia, usually found within a 100 km (62 mi) radius of Sydney. It is a member of a group of spiders known as Australian funnel-web spiders. Its bite is capable of causing serious illness or death in humans if left untreated.