What frequency is 2ZB?

What frequency is 2ZB?


City Wellington
Frequency 1035AM – 2ZB 90.0FM – B90FM 89.4FM – B90FM (Kapiti)
Language(s) English language
Format Adult contemporary

What frequency is Newstalk ZB Wellington?

89.3 FM
Wellington – Kaukau – 89.3 FM.

What frequency is the Breeze in Wellington?

94.1 MHz

City/Town Frequencies
Kapiti Coast 100.7 MHz
Wairarapa 99.9 MHz
Wellington 94.1 MHz & 98.5 MHz
Nelson 97.6 MHz

What is the frequency for National Radio NZ?

RNZ Frequencies (* = Community operated transmitters)

North Island Frequencies
Napier National AM 630 National FM 101.5 Concert 91.1 AM Network (Parliament) 909
New Plymouth National FM 101.2 Concert 91.6
Whanganui National AM 567 National FM 101.6 Concert 99.2
Palmerston North National AM 1449 National FM 101.0 Concert 89.0

What is the original frequency of 2ZB in Wellington?

The original 1035AM frequency used for 2ZB is still used to broadcast Newstalk ZB Wellington. Over the years local content has been reduced on Wellington’s Newstalk ZB.

When did 2ZB 1035AM become Newstalk ZB Wellington?

In 1993 the 2ZB 1035AM frequency became Newstalk ZB, the Wellington station continued to run local programming throughout the day and some of the 2ZB announcers remained with Newstalk ZB Wellington into the late 2000s.

Is there a radio station called 2ZB in New Zealand?

Today 2ZB and B90FM are part of a nationwide networks Newstalk ZB and The Hits respectively. The station was started by Radio New Zealand (which at the time was known as the National Broadcasting Service) in 1937, originally broadcasting on 980AM. The station was branded from the station’s callsign 2ZB.

What are the radio frequencies in New Zealand?

Newstalk ZB transmitter frequencies. Auckland, 89.4 MHz FM; Christchurch, 100.1 MHz FM; Wellington, 89.3 MHz FM