What does the UK export to Peru?

What does the UK export to Peru?

Peru has been the fastest growing economy in Latin America for most of the past decade. Key export sectors for the UK include health and life sciences, mining, sustainable infrastructure, and security.

What are the major imports and exports of Peru?

Economy of Peru

Exports $44.92 billion (2017 est.)
Export goods copper 27.1%. gold 14.7% petroleum 6.3% zinc 4.5% copper cathodes 3.8% (2018)
Main export partners China 27.6% United States 16.7% India 5.2% South Korea 5.1% Japan 4.6% (2018)
Imports $43.13 billion (2018)

How much does Peru export and Import?

Overall Exports and Imports for Peru 2019 The total value of exports (FoB) was 46,132 million. The total value of imports (CIF) was 42,376 million. At the HS6 digit level, 3,315 products were exported to 172 countries and 4,129 products were imported from 210 countries.

What are the top 3 imports of Peru?

Imports The top imports of Peru are Refined Petroleum ($3.05B), Crude Petroleum ($2.05B), Cars ($1.45B), Broadcasting Equipment ($1.23B), and Delivery Trucks ($1.01B), importing mostly from China ($9.61B), United States ($8.9B), Brazil ($2.25B), Chile ($1.79B), and Mexico ($1.66B).

Who are the major importers of Peru?

Other important imports of Peru include: Electronic equipment (including computers, TVs, telephones and telecommunications equipment) Peru’s main import partners are China (23% of total imports), the United States (17%), Brazil (6%), Mexico (5.3%) and South Korea (5%).

How much energy does the UK import and export?

the value of gross imports of energy of £45 billion or £18 billion more than gross exports. Gas and oil make up around 90% of energy imports. A relatively small amount of electricity is imported and coal import have fallen dramatically as much less coal is now used for generation.

Are there any restrictions on exporting to Peru?

When it comes to exporting to Peru, there are few prohibitions and restrictions especially on used goods such as used clothing and shoes (except as charitable donations) or vehicles and accessories. Imports of used cars and tires that are more than 5 years old are prohibited.

What kind of trade does Peru have with the EU?

Growth has averaged 5.9% over the last decade giving Peru the leading growth rate in Latin America. Peru is committed to free trade. More than 92.2% of its trade is covered by free trade agreements (FTAs), including one with the European Union.