What does the name Mollo mean?

What does the name Mollo mean?

Southern French (Occitan): topographic name from a diminutive of Old French mol ‘soft’, ‘muddy’. …

What does De Mello mean?

Portuguese: variant spelling of De Melo. The name in this spelling is also found in western India, where it was taken by Portuguese colonists. Italian: patronymic from a short form of Giacomello, a pet form of Giacomo, from Late Latin Jac(o)mus (see James).

Is Mello a Portuguese?

Melo is a Portuguese surname. Variants include Mello, de Melo or de Mello, D’Melo or D’Mello, De Melo and De Mello. People with the surname include: Andrés Granier Melo (born 1948), Mexican Governor of Tabasco.

Where does the name Molla come from?

Muslim: status name for someone with a qualification in Islamic religious learning, from Persian mulla, a derivative of Arabic maula, maulwi ‘scholar’ (usually transcribed in English as mullah).

Who killed Mello in Death Note?

He has a man named Mikami killing for him, he avoids Near’s traps, kills Mello, and even boldly tells his team it’s okay for them to work with Near. However, Near manages to get Light to agree to their first in person meeting and the two, along with their respective team’s, meet up in a deserted warehouse.

What happens to Mello Death Note?

Mello is left with a scar on his face, and the failure of his Mafia scheme leaves his real name in Light’s hands. Mello forces her to strip naked to get rid of any tracking devices. However, Takada uses a hidden piece of Death Note paper to kill Mello, as Light had told her his name and what to do in such a situation.

What does Melo mean in Portuguese?

The Portuguese surname Melo, is of toponymic origin, deriving from a place name where the original bearer resided or held land. The original name of the family’s ancestral town was Merlo, which is an archaic form of “melro,” the Portuguese word for “blackbird.” The surname Melo thus means “one who hailed from Melo.”

Who is smarter L or Near?

Apart from L, Near is easily the next-smartest character in the series, smarter even than his partner, Mello. The reason being is that Near is the one who actually manages to survive. That said, Mello takes over as the new L and manages to outsmart Light and figure out his identity as Kira.

What does the last name Mollo mean in French?

The distinguished family name Mollo has made significant contributions to the culture, arts, sciences and religion of France and New France.

How many years are there in the Mollo history?

Another 232 words (17 lines of text) covering the years 1415, 1511, 1809, 1810, 1810, 1813, 1630, 1706, 1740, 1814, 1768, 1773, 1776, 1778, 1749, 1800, 1830, 1907, 1878, 1841 and 1893 are included under the topic Early Mollo History in all our PDF Extended History products and printed products wherever possible.

Why are there different spellings of the name Molloy?

One reason for these variations is that ancient scribes and church officials recorded names as they were pronounced, often resulting in a single person being recorded under several different spellings. The different spellings that were found include Molloy, Mulloy, Miley, O’Molloy, O’Mulloy, Mullee and many more.

Who was Charles Molloy and what did he do?

Charles Molloy (1640-1690), was an Irish lawyer of the Middle Temple, born in County Offaly. He was “a native of King’s County and was probably a member of… Another 154 words (11 lines of text) are included under the topic Early Molloy Notables in all our PDF Extended History products and printed products wherever possible.