What does O2 sim swap mean?

What does O2 sim swap mean?

You may want to swap your sim card if you’re changing phones and need a different sized sim – or if you need a sim with a 4G tariff. Once you’ve got a new sim from us, you can swap the number of your original sim to the new one by signing in to My O2 Business and going to My Account.

How do I transfer my number to my new iPhone O2?

If you want to switch to O2 at a later date, just contact us with your PAC code when you’re ready to switch. You can give us your PAC code online. Or call us on 202 free from your O2 phone, on 0344 809 0202 from any other phone, or visit an O2 store.

How do I swap my sim on my O2 phone?

You’ll find an option of ‘Swap your SIM’ under ‘Manage your account’. You’ll need to re-enter your My O2 username and password, you’ll then be sent a verification code via text to your phone. Once this has been confirmed you can enter your new SIM info and this will be swapped within 24hrs. At an O2 store:

How long does it take to get a new phone from O2?

We’ll deliver your new phone within one or two working days. If you’ve got a tracking reference, you can track the delivery online here When you switch to your new phone: Make sure you back up your contacts, or move them onto your sim. If your new phone takes a micro sim, you can swap your current sim here

Where do I Find my sim card number for O2 business?

You’ll also need the serial number on the back of your sim – it’s the long number beginning with 894411. Sign in to My O2 Business and go to My Account. In Manage devices, select ‘Sim swap’. Choose the mobile number for which you need a sim swap. Type the new sim card number into the box.

What to do when you lose signal on your O2 phone?

Be sure to leave the prefix 894411 in place, even if this number doesn’t appear on your sim card Once you lose signal on your original sim, turn your device off, put your new sim in and turn it back on. If you need to, keep turning your device off and on until you get signal. Then you’re ready to go. Sim swap option not available?