What does Han Solo say to Leia?

What does Han Solo say to Leia?

One of its most famous scenes, in which Leia says “I love you,” and Han Solo replies, “I know,” drew a surprisingly negative reaction from one of the stars.

How did Han Solo and Princess Leia meet?

The first time Han Solo and Princess Leia meet is when Han Solo and Luke Skywalker are dressed as stormtroopers rescuing her on board the Death Star. On Bespin when Han is about to be frozen, Leia reveals she does in fact love him, something he retorts with he knows.

Do Han Solo and Leia get back together?

In The Force Awakens, after not seeing each other for many years, Han and Leia are happily reunited. Before going with Chewbacca and Finn to rescue Rey and destroy Starkiller Base, Leia and Han lovingly embrace each other and she asks him to bring their son home.

Do Han Solo and Princess Leia fall in love?

Their attraction is apparent, and it’s clear they’ll fall in love — if they don’t kill each other first. As the Death Star explodes above Endor and Han assures Leia that Luke survived, she says she knows. “I can feel it.” Han interprets that to mean she loves him, and agrees to back off.

How old was Han Solo when he met Princess Leia?

These are the strangest things about Star Wars ‘ most prominent couple. When Han and Leia meet during her botched rescue in Star Wars: A New Hope, the fierce princess is only 19 and the jaded smuggler is 29. Respectively, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford were 19 and 33 at the time.

Who is the son of Han and Leia?

Introduced in the Star Wars sequel trilogy, the villain Kylo Ren is eventually revealed to be Ben Solo, offspring of Han and Leia. Born shortly after the Galactic Civil War, Ben trained in the ways of the Force at Luke Skywalker’s Jedi Temple before he turned to the dark side and became Supreme Leader Snoke’s student.

Why did Leia rub her lips on Han Solo’s?

In order to make Han Solo jealous, Leia plants a kiss on Luke Skywalker’s lips, which he then clearly preens over to rub it in Han’s face even more. As we all know, it turns out later that Luke and Leia are twins– and that Leia herself somehow claims to have “always known” they were.

What did Han Solo say to Luke Skywalker?

“You think a princess and a guy like me…?” So asked Han Solo to Luke Skywalker after his first meeting with the strong-willed, sharp-shooting princess, in a question that kick-started one of cinema’s great romances.