What does Hakeem mean Islam?

What does Hakeem mean Islam?

The All-Wise
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Hakim or Al-Hakim may refer to: Al-Ḥakīm (Arabic: الحكيم), one of the names of God in Islam, meaning “The All-Wise”.

What is Hakeem in Pakistan?

In Pakistan and India, Hakim or Hakeem denotes a herbal medicine practitioner, specially of Unani medicine.

What Hakim means in Urdu?

Hakim is an noun, (esp. in Muslim countries) according to parts of speech. It finds its origins in Arabic: hakim (sense 1) from ḥakīm ‘wise man, physician’; hakim (sense 2) from ḥākim ‘ruler’. Hakim is spelled as [hah-keem].

What does the name Hakeem mean biblically?

In American the meaning of the name Hakeem is: Wise. The Quran on Human Embryonic Development witnessed in His creation, and especially in the creation of the human being, Hakeem is a variant of Hakim. And “Indeed, We have created the human being upon the best of best of forms:God is the Wise who social issues.

What is the meaning of the name Hakeem?

The name Hakeem is of Arabic origin. The meaning of Hakeem is “wise”. Hakeem is generally used as a boy’s name.

Is Hakeem from ‘Empire’ based on a real person?

DNA analysis has been released revealing that Bryshere Y. Gray also known as Yass the Greatest who plays Hakeem Lyon on the hit show Empire is actually the biological son of rap mogul Jay-Z.

What is Hakeem olajuwan’s nickname?

Hakeem Abdul Olajuwon (/ ə ˈ l aɪ ʒ u ɒ n /; Yoruba: [olaɟuwɔ̃]; born January 21, 1963), is a Nigerian-American former professional basketball player. He was nicknamed “the Dream” during his basketball career after he dunked so effortlessly that his college coach said it “looked like a dream.”From 1984 to 2002, he played the center position in the National Basketball Association (NBA

What does al Hakeem mean?

Al Hakeem comes from the root word “Hakama”. Linguistically speaking Al Hakama means to restrict someone or to deny something to someone, or control. He legislates rules that restrict people and confine them to certain protocols.