What does CASAS test stand for?

What does CASAS test stand for?

Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment Systems
CASAS is the most widely used adult education competency-based testing system in the United States. www.casas.org. Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment Systems. Page 2. Online Testing.

How do you read CASAS scores?

CASAS scale scores: Reading: 180 and below Listening: 180 and below Oral BEST: 0–15 (SPL 0–1) BEST Plus: 400 and below (SPL 0–1) BEST Literacy: 0–7 (SPL 0–1) Individual cannot speak or understand English, or understands only isolated words or phrases.

How many questions are on the CASAS test?

Level A/B tests have 40 questions and tests at Level C/D have 38 questions. The national average test time for Math GOALS pre- and post-tests is 43 minutes. The four levels provide sufficient placement opportunities to provide the most accurate diagnostic information to guide instruction.

What is the purpose of CASAS?

CASAS provides testing of basic and academic skills for youth and adults and curriculum tools to design instruction. Our tests and services promote the transition to higher education and the workforce. Each year well more than one million youth and adults take a CASAS test.

What does Casas stand for in education category?

CASAS stands for: The Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment System (CASAS) CASAS measures English skills in: ●Reading●Listening Who has to take the CASAS Test?

What do you need to know about the Casas test?

Make-up exams are very important. CASAS Test Formats: CASAS eTest Paper and Pencil CASAS LISTENING TESTS The listening test is used to determine a student’s ability to understand spoken English. There are three levels: conversation between two

What does the Casas skill level descriptor mean?

They provide descriptions of adults’ general job-related ability in reading, mathematics, oral communication, and writing. The Skill Level Descriptors explain in general terms what most learners can accomplish at the CASAS scale score level in a specific skill area.

How are Casas scores used in adult centers?

Adult Centers use your CASAS score to: Determine your English skill level Place you in the appropriate level to begin your studies Beginning at the right level is critical to learning English. We want you to succeed. By knowing what areas you need help in, your instructors can work with you to strengthen your skills.