What do you need to know about Sigma Chi?

What do you need to know about Sigma Chi?

A new resource developed by Sigma Chi International Fraternity and Sigma Chi Leadership Institute to help our chapters navigate their formal recruitment during a period of uncertainty within our campus communities.

Who is the treasurer of the Sigma Chi fraternity?

Hold himself and every member of the Fraternity accountable to the Sigma Chi oath of initiation. The Quaestor is the treasurer of the chapter.

Who is the quaestor in Sigma Chi sorority?

The Quaestor is the treasurer of the chapter. He is responsible for collecting and safeguarding all funds due to the chapter, as well as preparing the budget before the start of the chapter’s fiscal year and presenting it to the chapter’s executive committee, members and advisors for approval.

What does transformational leadership mean in Sigma Chi?

Sigma Chi Transformational Leadership is the practice by which leaders inspire and empower others to innovate and create change that will positively impact the Fraternity and ultimately the world.

What kind of T-shirts do Sigma Chi wear?

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What does the magister do in Sigma Chi?

The Magister enters and moves at the head of the procession immediately to the place where the candidates will take their station. Each candidate shall be conducted into the chapter room on the arm of his guide. The Magister salutes the Consul with the sign of salutation, who responds with the sign of recognition.

How is the light of courage lighting in Sigma Chi?

The Pro Consul shall light the seven tapers, in order from right to left as viewed from the chapter circle. As rapidly as each taper is lighted, the Consul shall pronounce in impressive voice the virtue it typifies. Lighting of the Seven Lights Only the phrase, “The Light of Courage,” etc. is given.