What do the 8 pages in slender say?

What do the 8 pages in slender say?

Misconception. One of the biggest misunderstandings of the pages comes from their interpretation in Slender: The Eight Pages. In Slender: The Eight Pages, should the player fail to collect all of the pages, they will be killed by Slender Man, prematurely ending their adventure, and granting the player a game over.

Where is the 8th page in Slender Man?

As the Visitor Center is easy to spot, it is best searched early in the game before Slenderman becomes more aggressive. There is a chance one of the eight pages will be in a room next to the front desk, tacked to a boarded up window.

What is the size of Slender Man?

Slender Man has been depicted in imagery and literature at anywhere between 6 and 15 feet tall, depending on the situation, though in video he is usually only around 6-7 feet tall….

Slender Man
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What happens when you beat slender the eight pages?

What happens after I beat Slender? After collecting eight pages the stomping noise stops, then Slendermen forces you to look at him and then you get your typical “SlenderFace.” Then the credits start to roll.

Who can beat Slenderman?

1) Frieza – he is a sadistic emperor, he has telekinesis, he can destroy a planet 10× bigger than earth (which make him stronger even than Zalgo).

What is Slenderman’s weakness?

This post is locked. Slenderman’s Weak Spot. The Only way to beat Slenderman is to beat him with halogens lamps.

How do you survive in slender the arrival?

Slender: The Arrival uses similar mechanics to its predecessor, The Eight Pages. The character is armed only with a flashlight. This limited defense forces a sense of helplessness, as the best way to survive in the game is to run whenever in danger. The Slender Man’s behavior changes slightly between levels.

Who can beat slender man?

What is slender man’s weakness?

Where is Slenderman’s Forest?

Together they pored over Slenderman fan art, doctored videos of Slenderman “sightings,” and the thousands of amateur ghost stories on Creepypasta. Gradually, they pieced together that Slenderman resided only three hundred miles away in a mansion located at the center of Wisconsin’s Nicolet National Forest.

What happens if you collect all 8 pages of slender?

Even if the player’s character successfully collects all the eight pages, the Slender Man will continue to chase them. Once all the pages are collected, one is allowed to walk around for a couple of seconds in total silence until Slender Man finally appears behind the player and ends the game.

What are the pages in Slender Rising 2?

Pages | The Slender Man Wiki | Fandom Pages are collectible objects that act as a common staple in many Slender Man games, most notably in Slender and Slender: The Arrival, but also in Slender Rising and Slender Rising 2. Their roles vary throughout the games and they are sometimes replaced by other things.

How many pages do you need to play Slender Man?

Additionally many Slender Man based games require collecting 8 objects that are typically pages, sometimes more.

What happens when you stand still on Slender Man?

When you stand still the Slender Man will be standing right next to you. In v0.9.7, after four minutes of not getting a page, the music will start suddenly and Slender Man will attack you. In 0.9.7, after you collect 8 pages, Slender Man teleports in front of you and captures you, much like in Slenderman’s Shadow games.