What did Joseph Randle do to the Dallas Cowboys?

What did Joseph Randle do to the Dallas Cowboys?

Fifteen months ago Randle, not Ezekiel Elliott, was the Dallas back ripping off chunks of yards behind that awesome O-line. Then came a possible concussion, an array of off-field misdeeds and massive confusion about it all

Where did Joseph Randle go to high school?

As the progeny of a local football dynasty, Joseph had entered high school with an unusual level of expectations. His father, Larry, a former semi-pro player, has been a Wichita youth-league coach for more than three decades. Larry Jr., 10 years Joseph’s elder, was a cornerback at Division II Emporia (Kans.) State.

Why was Joseph Randle arrested in Las Vegas?

Randle prepared to open the door and be placed under arrest. This night’s encounter was before the alleged dustups with casino employees and partygoers, before the chaotic scene in which he mowed down three people with a car. But he was already far along that dark path.

How old was John Randle when he played football?

John, older by seven years, ran for 2,600 yards and scored 30 TDs at Kansas and Southern Illinois. The boys’ sister, Jaleen (second oldest of the four), ran track at Wichita State.

Who was the last running back for the Dallas Cowboys?

Randle, the last Cowboys running back to don number 21—the previous focal point of the Dallas backfield, the guy who was supposed to be running through those gaping holes—is awaiting a court appearance the next morning on charges including aggravated battery, property damage and criminal threat.

How old was Joseph Randle when he started playing football?

The youngest Randle’s football career began early. At three, before Joseph was out of diapers, Larry had his son practicing with a team of second-graders. (“I played way-, way-back safety,” Joseph would later tell the Tulsa World .) At home John would get on his knees and trample Joseph in one-on-one football games.

Where did Joseph Randle go to jail for?

Fourteen hundred miles to the west, at the Sedgwick County Jail in Wichita, sits a man who may be beyond the point of bouncing back.