What can I use instead of a curtain rod?

What can I use instead of a curtain rod?

copper pipes
Many people turn to copper pipes when they need a substitute curtain rod. Copper pipes have a unique look about them which is what draws many folks toward it, but you can use any style of or look of pipe. The pipe itself should be thin enough to fit into your curtain loops or hooks.

How do you wrap fabric around a curtain rod?

Wrapping Around Curtain Rod

  1. Lay the sheer out straight and fold it in half.
  2. Place the center of the sheer on the center of the curtain rod and attach with a large binder clip or a piece of masking tape.
  3. Wrap the sheer over the curtain rod several times on each side of the binder clip.

What material is best for curtain rods?

Consider wood curtain rods for wide and tall windows. Wooden rods support heavy curtains better than metal because they are not hollow. Poles come in 3-inch, 2¼-inch, 2-inch, and 1⅜-inch diameters. The bigger the window, the larger the diameter you will want.

What are flat curtain rods called?

continental rods
The type of curtain rod for a stationary valance that has a wide rod pocket is referred to as continental. The classification of continental rods describes drapery rods that have a wide flat face. At times they’re referred to as continental valance rods.

How do you hang a curtain without a rod?

How to Hang Curtains Without a Rod: If you don’t want to hang a curtain rod, you can opt for drapery hung from an invisible track mounted within the window frame or on the ceiling. Alternatively, you could consider roller or solar shades.

Which type of curtain rod is best?

KAMANINA 1 Inch Curtain Rod Single Drapery Rod. Photo: amazon.com You’d be forgiven for thinking KAMANINA’s curtain rod is more expensive than it is.

  • blackout curtains are a must in the bedroom.
  • Rod Desyne Lockseam 2-Inch Clearance Curtain Rod Set.
  • Can I hang two curtains on one rod?

    Hanging Two Sets of Curtains on One Rod Step 1 Measure the length of the drape panel to determine how high the rod will be mounted. Most rods are mounted between 3 and 6 inches above the window depending on the panel length.

    What size curtain rod should I use for my grommet curtains?

    Fold over the top of the curtain fabric 4 inches for large drapery grommets to fit an 1 3/8-inch curtain rod or 3 inches for medium-sized grommets to fit curtain rods with 13/16-inch diameters. Press the fold with an iron on an ironing board.