What Battery for VESPA PX?

What Battery for VESPA PX?

Piaggio/Vespa Vespa PX 150 – 150 cc Batteries

Brand Model Dimensions (mm)
Yuasa YB9-B 135L x 75W x 139H
Powerline YB9-B AGM 136L x 76W x 139H
Exide ETX9C-BS 135L x 70W x 140H
Leoch LT9A-4 135L x 75W x 139H

Do they still make Vespa PX 125?

Remember that and it can be great fun. The Vespa PX 125 went off sale in 2008, as emissions regulations tightened up.

When did Vespa stop making the PX?

A final model called the ’70th Anniversary’ has been produced and when stock is gone no more 2 stroke PXs will be produced; Only the paint and seat differentiate it from the standard PX ZAPM74200 introduced in 2011. Production of the PX ended in early 2017 as PX failed to meet Euro 4 compliance.

How to charge a Vespa PX 125 / 150 / 200?

VESPA PX 125 / 150 / 200 Charging & Ignition TESTS. 1. ALTERNATOR OUTPUT. Unplug regulator. blue and earth = 26 – 30 vac @ 3000 rpm. Unplug stator. red to white = 90 -140 ohms. green to white = 800 -1100 ohms. 2. BATTERY CHARGING. Insert an ammeter betwen red wire and battery +.

What kind of battery do I need for my Vespa motorcycle?

Simply choose your model of Piaggio/Vespa Motorcycle from the list below to be presented with a list of Motorcycle batteries that may fit your vehicle. Remember to check the suggested battery against your current Piaggio/Vespa Motorcycle battery to be sure of fitment.

What should the ammeter read on a Vespa PX?

Insert an ammeter betwen red wire and battery +. With engine @ 3000 rpm and battery @ 13 vdc the ammeter should read 1.5 – 2 amps * IN CASE OF OVER CHARGING. un-plug the regulator and check that you have battery voltage on the red / white wire that plugs into terminal “C”. The regulator needs this input to function correctly.