What are the methods of controlling nematodes?

What are the methods of controlling nematodes?

The most reliable practices are preventive, including sanitation and choice of plant varieties. You can reduce existing infestations through fallowing, crop rotation, and soil solarization. However, these methods reduce nematodes primarily in the top foot or so of the soil, so they are effective only for about a year.

Which physical method is useful for nematode management?

Heat: Heat treatment is probably the most successful physical control measure developed so far. It is widely used for the killing of nematodes within plant tissues before planting and has proved useful on nematode infested bulbs and tubers, and roots of plants such as chrysanthemums, strawberries, bananas and citrus.

How do plants manage parasitic nematode?

Plant parasitic nematodes overwinter in the soil or in association with plant material. Crop rotation and weed control are very important in managing plant parasitic nematodes. Root-knot nematodes have a very wide vegetable, field crop, and weed host range.

What other methods currently used in the identification of plant parasitic nematodes?

4. Molecular diagnosis of plant parasitic nematodes

  • 4.1. Ribosomal DNA. A vast amount of examples of nematode diagnosis has mostly been based on amplification of target DNA by PCR using species-specific primers.
  • 4.2. Mitochondrial and satellite DNA.
  • 4.3. RFLP, AFLP, RAPD, SCAR.
  • 4.4. qPCR and barcoding.
  • 4.5. Soil PCR.

What vegetables are nematode resistant?

Vegetable crops resistant to nematodes include broccoli, corn, brussels sprouts, chives and leeks. Good hygiene will help limit the spread of this pest as nematodes cannot move quickly through the garden, instead they are often spread on infected plants, muddy boots and garden tools.

Do nematodes kill earthworms?

Microscopic Beneficial Nematodes attack and kill almost any insects that live in the soil — even ones as large as cutworms. Not to be confused with pest nematodes, Beneficial Nematodes attack only pest insects, never plants, and they’re harmless to earthworms, too. But if it’s an insect, watch out!

How to control nematode infestation?

There are several ways you can prevent a nematode infection: 1. Use Crop Rotation: Experts suggest that crop rotation is the best way to take control of nematodes. 2. If you are purchasing transplant, go for the nematode-free variety only. 5. Solarization is also a very good way to reduce nematode and various weeds.

Where do you buy nematodes?

The last thing to consider in determining where to buy your nematodes, is what retail outlet you should actually chose. Nematodes can be purchased online, in big box stores, or at garden centers.