What are the 9 states in Austria?

What are the 9 states in Austria?

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  • Burgenland – Burgenland.
  • Kärnten – Carinthia.
  • Niederösterreich – Lower Austria.
  • Oberösterreich – Upper Austria.
  • Salzburg – Salzburg.
  • Steiermark – Styria.
  • Tirol – Tyrol.
  • Vorarlberg – Vorarlberg.

How many states does Austria have?

The Republic of Austria is a Federal State composed of nine autonomous federal provinces.

Does Austria have a president?

Austria’s head of state is the Federal President (Bundespräsident), elected by popular vote for a term of six years and limited to two consecutive terms of office. He was succeeded by President Alexander Van der Bellen, who was elected on 4 December 2016.

Who is the main leader of Austria?

The current officeholder is Sebastian Kurz, who was sworn in as chancellor on 7 January 2020 by President Alexander Van der Bellen.

What kind of government does the Republic of Austria have?

Austria’s constitution characterizes the republic as a federation consisting of nine autonomous federal states. Both the federation and all its states have written constitutions defining them as republican entities governed according to the principles of representative democracy.

How often is the head of state elected in Austria?

This article provides information on elections and election results in Austria. On a federal level, there are two main elections: for head of state (Federal President) every six years, and for the 183 seats of the National Council (Nationalrat) every five years by proportional representation. Austria has a multi-party system.

How many Austrians are in the US State Department?

Austria is one of 51 countries worldwide with a Fulbright educational exchange program managed by an autonomous binational commission. The State Department has selected more than 4,000 Austrians to participate in U.S. government-funded exchange programs since 1951.

How many seats does the Federal Assembly have in Austria?

The Federal Assembly is made up of 61 seats, which are elected by state legislatures to serve terms of 5 or 6 years. The judicial branch in Austria functions independently from the legislative and executive branches.