What are some challenges in communicating with a satellite?

What are some challenges in communicating with a satellite?

The problems associated with satellite communication are: high propagation delay, low bandwidths as compared to terrestrial media, and noise due to the effect of rain and atmospheric disturbances. The large propagation delay in satellite networks poses problems for voice communication.

How do satellites affect communication?

The purpose of communications satellites is to relay the signal around the curve of the Earth allowing communication between widely separated geographical points. Communications satellites use a wide range of radio and microwave frequencies. This allocation of bands minimizes the risk of signal interference.

Why GEO satellites are not suitable for broadband communication?

Some of the TCP problems experienced on GEO satellite links today will arise in future high-speed terrestrial networks because of the similar bandwidth-times-delay property. Problems like large window size, prolonged slow start period, and ineffective bandwidth adaptation affect both networks.

What advantage do satellites have for communication?

The main advantage of satellites is that they can distribute signals from one point to many locations. As such, satellite technology is ideal for “point-to-multipoint” communications such as broadcasting.

What are the challenges of a small satellite?

Tighter alliances between competitors in the space industry may run counter to traditional business practices as well as to government regulations. Desirable characteristics of small satellite missions, such as more rapid development schedules and lower costs, are also associated with an increased likelihood of mission failure.

How does a satellite work and how does it work?

A satellite communications link provides “line of sight” transmission of signals between a transmitter and a remote receiver or receivers on the ground via a transponder mounted in a satellite orbiting high above the Earth such that it can be seen by both the transmitter and the receiver.

What are the disadvantages of a LEO satellite?

Disadvantages compared with Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites are that orbiting at a higher altitude, they need more powerful launch vehicles to put them in place and the communications system needs higher power transmitters and more sensitive receivers because of the increased path loss.

How does government oversight affect small satellite systems?

Reduced government oversight may substantially increase the risk of failure by not providing an outside viewpoint during the development process. Shorter development times (and perhaps lower profit margins) may encourage companies to take shortcuts and higher risk (but lower cost) options without a thorough analysis.