What are nursing interventions for paralytic ileus?

What are nursing interventions for paralytic ileus?

Treatment to relieve the swelling or distension

  • Dietary restrictions to allow the obstruction to pass.
  • Electrolyte replacement.
  • Intravenous fluids to provide nutrients.
  • Medications to promote peristalsis, the contractions that move food through the digestive tract.
  • Monitoring in the hospital.

What is included in plan of care?

A care plan includes the following components: assessment, diagnosis, expected outcomes, interventions, rationale and evaluation. According to UK nurse Helen Ballantyne, care plans are a critical aspect of nursing and they are meant to allow standardised, evidence-based holistic care.

What are nursing interventions to treat small bowel obstruction?

Treatment includes intravenous (in the vein) fluids, bowel rest with nothing to eat (NPO), and, sometimes, bowel decompression through a nasogastric tube (a tube that is inserted into the nose and goes directly to the stomach). Anti-emetics: Medications may be required to relieve nausea and vomiting.

How do you manage a post op ileus?

Any established postoperative ileus should be initially managed with:

  1. Nil-by-mouth (NBM), ensuring adequate maintenance intravenous fluids.
  2. Daily bloods, including electrolytes.
  3. Encourage mobilisation as tolerated.
  4. Reduce opiate analgesia and any other bowel mobility reducing medication.

Most cases of postoperative ileus resolve with watchful waiting and supportive treatment. Patients should receive intravenous hydration . For patients with vomiting and distention, use of a nasogastric tube provides symptomatic relief; however, no studies in the literature support the use of nasogastric tubes to facilitate resolution of ileus.

What is a nursing treatment plan?

A nursing care plan contains all of the relevant information about a patient’s diagnoses, the goals of treatment, the specific nursing orders (including what observations are needed and what actions must be performed), and a plan for evaluation.

What is a patient care plan?

A patient care plan is all about providing the specific care that a patient needs and everyone who provided care to that patient should make a care plan. Doctors and nurses are primarily some of the few who makes patient care plans.