What are hamlets thoughts about life and its realities?

What are hamlets thoughts about life and its realities?

Hamlet ponders whether or not to take his life. He is faced with the difficult decision of enduring the struggles of life or to take his life and risk entering the unknown afterlife. Hamlet mainly fears this “undiscovered country” of death because no one has returned from it, therefore there are no precedents to go by.

What does Hamlet say about life?

Hamlet believes that life cannot be controlled by people but rather, it is controlled by God and fate. He realizes that he should not live his life in fear of death and many events lead him to be convinced that no matter what people do, the way they die will still be controlled by a “divinity”(5.

How does Hamlet find the truth?

Claudius knows that if Hamlet finds out the truth about his father’s death, he will kill him. Claudius tells them to visit Hamlet and find out what is wrong with him. They go to Hamlet pretending to be his friend when the truth is they only went to see him because the king asks them to.

What lesson can be learned from Hamlet?

“O shame, where is thy blush?” Hamlet accuses his mother of acting shamelessly in marrying his Uncle in rude haste after the death of his father. But the truth is everyone in Hamlet acts shamelessly and for us the moral of the play is the production of shame in its audience.

Why did hamlet live on to avenge his father?

Hamlet lived on to avenge his father. Up until his death, nothing else mattered. Throughout the story, Hamlet was obsessed with meaning in his life or the lack thereof. He struggled with questions more on the nature of death rather than life. It was apparent that even with revenge as motivation, he was still pondering ending his life.

What did hamlet think about the meaning of life?

But instead of bloody acts, they get endless bloody thoughts. Hamlet soliloquizes on the meaning of life, dithers and feigns madness, tying himself up in the most exquisite dialectical knots, doubting everything, even the ghost who demands revenge.

What are some good quotes from the play Hamlet?

Hamlet Quotes. The fair Ophelia! Be all my sins remember’d!” For in this sleep of death what dreams may come…” “There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” “Though this be madness, yet there is method in’t.” “Brevity is the soul of wit.” “Listen to many,…

What are the consequences of a lie in Hamlet?

Shakespeare demonstrates direct and very harsh consequences to deception throughout Hamlet. Two of the character’s lives are taken in the play purely because of a lie. Things turn against Claudius, the new King, who is the first to deceive the people around him, and in the end he pays very dearly for it too.