What are examples of learning targets?

What are examples of learning targets?

Learning targets are about the concepts students will understand and the skills they can apply as a result of a lesson. Non-Example: I can work in a small group to read and discuss an article about Westward expansion. Example: I can describe ways that human activities have altered places and regions.

What are the 5 learning targets?

I can classify learning targets by type (knowledge, reasoning, skill, product and disposition). To build clear learning targets we need to understand that there are actually five kinds of learning targets.

Do you set learning goals for special education students?

Do not create goals for students that you know they will not be able to achieve. The students will feel better knowing that they have met their goals, and will be even more excited to try to meet new goals. As you can see creating student learning goals for students with disabilities is fairly easily to do once you know several components.

Which is an example of a learning goal?

Here is an example of a learning goal that can be used for that student: When given a one-minute assessment of reading fluency, at the 5th grade level, student will be able to read 95 words correct per minute with at least 95% accuracy on weekly assessments.

How to measure student learning targets and outcomes?

Measure Students Outcomes AFTER Unit is Delivered Report Outcomes to Stakeholders Design Curriculum Unit with Lesson Plans and Evaluations Deliver Classroom Presentations Review Baseline Data, Standards & GLEs Write Annual Student Learning Targets STEP ONE: REVIEW BASELINE DATA, STANDARDS & GLES Sources of Data, Standards, GLEs

Which is an example of a smart goal?

Sample Individual Professional Development Plan (IPDP) Goals 7/2015 SMART Goals Examples of SMART goals are provided below. We suggest that every educator include at least one broad SMART goal on their IPDP similar to the one below. RECOMMENDED SMART GOAL State the Action you will take Describe an Area of Focus for the Learning