Is Yandere high school real?

Is Yandere high school real?

Yandere High School is the name of Samgladiator’s YouTube minecraft roleplay series set in Japan. The show is set around an educational institution which also has the name Akademi High School.

What happened to ItsFunneh Yandere high?

Yandere High, fully titled as Yandere High School is a Minecraft Roleplay series created by ItsFunneh. The first season first premiered on Sep 17, 2015, and ended production on May 9, 2016. It is currently unfinished and it will never be finished as ‘became unenjoyable to roleplay’ (as mentioned by Funneh herself).

Who made Yandere high school?

Yandere High School is a YouTube series based slightly off of Yandere Simulator. Its creator is Samgladiator, along with many friends of his from Minecraft. The first season ran from August 1th, 2015 to December 14th, 2015, and season 2, under the name Tokyo Soul, ran from December 19, 2015 to June 24, 2016.

When is the first day of school in Leander?

Important Dates. First Day of School – Aug. 13, 2020. Labor Day – Sept. 7, 2020. Early Release Day (Elementary Only) – Sept. 23, 2020. Columbus Day – Oct. 12, 2020. Staff Development Day/Student Holiday – Oct. 12–13, 2020.

How to play Yandere high school first day?

Yandere High School – FIRST DAY! (Minecraft Roleplay) #1 If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device. Videos you watch may be added to the TV’s watch history and influence TV recommendations. To avoid this, cancel and sign in to YouTube on your computer. An error occurred while retrieving sharing information.

How does Leander ISD plan for the next school year?

Leander ISD is building our school year calendars for the next school years during a multi-month process for collecting community feedback and submitting a recommendation to the Board of Trustees.

When is Leander ISD Board of Trustees meeting?

Leander ISD Trustees reviewed community feedback on the district’s 2021–2023 academic calendar options, solidified budget planning parameters for the upcoming fiscal year and considered long-range facility planning at their Jan. 14 meeting. View the entire agenda here. Watch the video here.