Is Shango the god of war?

Is Shango the god of war?

Shango is one of the Orishas, an offshoot of the Progeny, who in turn are a race of extra-dimensional beings still worshiped as a gods in the Yoruba religion of Nigeria, Santeria religion of the Caribbean and Candomble of Brazil. He is the son of Obatala, the Orisha supreme and twin brother of Ogun, Orisha god of war.

Who is the mother of Shango?

The son of Yemaja and the mother goddess, protector of birth is Shango the god of thunder who is one of the popular worldwide acclaimed legends from West Africa to be precise Nigeria. He is referred to as Chango or Xango in Lantin America and also Jakuta.

How did Shango become the god of thunder and lightning?

But some people believed Shango had gone up into the heavens and was sending fire down to Earth. That’s how Shango became known as the god of thunder and lightning. As the god of thunder and lightning, Shango has some powerful energy.

Who are the wives of the god Shango?

Shango, god of thunder and lighting, has rivers for wives: Oya (the Niger river), Oshun, and Oba. In the Trinidadian cult, Shango is invariably equated with St. John, Oya with St. Catherine or St. Philomena, and Oshun with St. Anne or St. Philomena. I did not encounter Oba, nor have I seen her name mentioned in the literature.

Why did the Yoruba not believe in Shango?

Officially Shango’s priests used to say that Shango really ascended to heaven, but the Yoruba did not want to believe it. As lightning and storms did not cease after Shango’s death, the Yoruba still held Shango responsible.

What kind of relationship does Shango have with Oya?

Very much the ladies man, Shango does have a relationship with Oya which can at times get pretty tempestuous. He does not get on well with his brother Ogun and is not averse to a good punch-up. But on the whole he’s a great God to have on your side as he is loyal, protective and — as far as we’re concerned — extremely groovy.