Is Hera cushion good?

Is Hera cushion good?

💛Conclusion. HERA Glow Cushion is lightweight, buildable and certainly delivers dewy-looking, natural yet radiant glow. It feels comfortable all day and I haven’t touched up until later night (11 hrs). It has a slightly lighter shade than I expected, however settled in really well.

What is Hera cushion?

Refresh your complexion with Hera’s UV Mist Cushion Cover, a revolutionary cushion that offers dewy, flawless coverage. Made with Hypertonic Radiance technology, this product gives off a cooling sensation upon application as it works to moisturize the skin from within, plumping up your skin with hydration all day.

How can you tell if HERA UV MIST cushions are fake?

First, look at the pin that keeps the cap and cushion pieces connected. If there is a hole in the pin, the product is real. If there is no hole in the pin, then the product is a fake.

Is Hera under amorepacific?

Step into the life of a “Seoulista”, the style icon of K-Beauty, through our sophisticated and fashionable cosmetics. Hera, the leading K-Beauty brand, aims to spread the special unique charm of modern Korean women. The Seoulista knows how to express their personality using colors and makeup.

Which is the best Hera UV mist cushion?

Guys, this is THE cushion. Check out my review of Hera’s UV Mist Cushion Long-Stay and UV Mist Cushion here I say… The Packaging: A classy black and gold compact casing (that’s strangely remniscent of YSL’s cushion).

What kind of casing is Hera black cushion?

The Packaging: A classy black and gold compact casing (that’s strangely remniscent of YSL’s cushion). There are iridiscent gold specks in the black portion of the case, while the latch that opens it is matte (vs the rest of the gold portion that is glossy).

Is the black line in Hera the same color?

*BLACK LINE has the same color system. HERA Face Makeup Color System developed through a skin tone study of 2,000 Asian women Find the color that flatters your natural skin the most. Find the best BLACK FOUNDATION & CUSHION shade for your skin.

What happens if you leave Hera makeup unclosed?

Leaving the product unclosed may lead to shrinkage of the formula caused by evaporation of moisturizing components and other ingredients beneficial to skin. If symptoms such as red blotches, swelling, itchiness or irritation appear while using the product and/or when the skin is exposed to direct sunlight after use, consult a dermatologist.