Is double vision an emergency?

Is double vision an emergency?

A patient should go immediately to an emergency room whenever he or she experiences double vision in order to determine the cause of this symptom. If it is due to a decompensated strabismus, there will be enough time to perform an examination.

Should I worry about double vision?

Double vision that is long lasting or keeps recurring should prompt an urgent visit to your eye doctor to make sure there is no serious underlying problem. Double vision, or diplopia, occurs when you look at one object but see two images. The two images can appear side by side or on top of each other.

Why do I have double vision sometimes?

Some defects are caused by an injury to the head, stroke, aneurysm, brain tumor or brain swelling. Diabetes, hypertension and multiple sclerosis are common diseases that can cause temporary paralysis of the nerves that control the eye muscles, which may cause double vision. Another cause of double vision is strabismus.

What are the causes of intermittent double vision?

When the eyes aren’t lined up, then you can get double vision. “Another condition the commonly causes double vision is keratoconus, but that is not temporary (unless a procedure is done to treat it).”. Other Causes of Double Vision. that Comes and Goes. Aneurysm. Non-ruptured, it can cause intermittent double vision.

What causes double vision when looking up?

Common causes of double vision include weak muscles in the eye, nerve damage, or, in more serious cases, double vision may be caused by problems with the brain.

Why am I Seeing Double Vision?

The clouding of the eye, known as a cataract, may also be among the potential causes of double vision. A routine visit to an eye specialist can often detect these problems before they cause a significant impact on the ability to see clearly. Weak eye muscles are another one of the potential causes of double vision.