Is Crystal Palace a good area?

Is Crystal Palace a good area?

The Crystal Palace is just above town and on the edge of an area, just to the west, called Savan, that is a bit rough, in ways. The majority of what is safe is all about you and your behaviour and actions. Normal precautions are going to give you normal results: Don’t go out alone at night.

Is Crystal Palace a bad area?

Crystal Palace has a high violent crime rate and an above average property crime rate for London.

Is Crystal Palace a safe area to live?

Safety. Crystal Palace is a safe place to live, and is rated as having average crime by the Met police. The 2014/2015 crime rate and violence against the person rate were both slightly higher in this ward than in London as a whole.

Is Crystal Palace an area?

Crystal Palace is a residential area in south London named from the former local landmark, The Crystal Palace, which occupied the area from 1854 to 1936. The area is located approximately 8 miles south east of Charing Cross, and offers impressive views over the capital.

What to do and see in Crystal Palace?

Crystal Palace has it all – it’s leafy, eccentric, unpretentiously bohemian, easy to navigate and just 20 minutes by train south of central London. Its appeal is driven largely by its countless vintage boutiques, designer coffee shops, giddy antique dealers, knockout restaurants, and regular oh-so-fabulous continental food markets.

How tall is the Crystal Palace in London?

Crystal Palace occupies a privileged position in the topography of London – one of the highest points in the city, at 367 feet. The views, consequently, are amazing and the streets steep.

Where was Crystal Palace before it was built?

The area we know now as Crystal Palace was covered in ancient forest land called the Great North Wood (remembered in name alone by neighbouring West Norwood) before rapid building began in the 19th century.

How long is the overground line from Crystal Palace?

Since the extension of the Overground line, Crystal Palace has risen like a phoenix from the ashes, reinventing itself as a great place for families, young couples and professionals, who can commute to London’s financial centre in just 20 minutes.