Is Benjamin Moore Aura a good paint?

Is Benjamin Moore Aura a good paint?

Ben Moore Aura is known for its coverage. It is probably its most significant selling point. It is thick and has great first coverage capabilities. I have used Arura for at least 15 years and have always found it to cover better than any other latex semi-gloss.

Does Benjamin Moore Aura paint need primer?

Primer/Finish Systems Aura® will act as its own primer, providing the optimal foundation for the subsequent finish coat. On bare substrates two coats are required; previously painted surfaces can be finished with 1 or 2 coats.

What finishes does Aura paint come in?

Aura Interior Paint- Eggshell

  • Flat or matte sheen provides great depth of color and is ideal for less-than-perfect surfaces.
  • Eggshell, pearl and satin sheens are light, easy to clean, work great in high traffic areas, and reveal color with a softly polished glow.

Is Benjamin Moore Aura water based?

Both paints are: Water-based interior paints available in a wide range of colours and finishes. Paint and primer together to help reduce the number of coats needed. Mildew resistant.

What kind of paint does aura waterborne use?

Aura Waterborne Interior Paint – Matte Feature Mildew Resistant Coating|Self Priming|Ze Interior/Exterior Interior Recommended For Use On New or previously painted wallboard| pla Substrate Drywall|Plaster|Wood|Masonry|Non-Ferrous VOC (g/L) <50

How does Benjamin Moore’s aura interior paint work?

Other manufacturers use tints that add VOCs to their paints, but Benjamin Moore’s waterborne tinting technology ensures that our paints retain their low – or zero-VOC properties. Aura Interior, with our exclusive Color Lock ® technology, delivers the ultimate performance for brilliant, rich, and everlasting color.

Which is the best waterborne paint for interior painting?

This is why Aura is such a good paint. You can get away painting problematic colors with only 2 coats of BM Aura. As a matter of fact, BM guarantees it. This line of Aura is another premium interior waterborne paint. It is specially designed for humid environments.

Which is the best cover to use with aura paint?

The Aura roller cover was specifically designed to be the ideal roller for use with Benjamin Moore super-premium Aura paints. It provides the optimal balance of surface smoothness and hide, while also offering shed resistance. Our colour finder gives you several inspirational starting points.