How thick is 80g m2 paper?

How thick is 80g m2 paper?

Uncoated Paper (also referred to as Bond, Offset or Laser)
Weight Thickness
80gsm 100mic
90gsm 112mic
100gsm 125mic

What does 80g m2 mean?

The mass per unit area of paper / card is measured in grams per square metre (g/m2). This is called grammage, although most people refer to it as weight. Office copier paper is usually 80g/m2 (80gsm), A4 in size and ordered in reams (packets) of 500 sheets.

Is 80 GSM paper thick?

80 gsm is ideal for forms, letters and handouts. Standard home/office printing paper thickness. 90 gsm is widely used as office paper. 90gsm is our lowest white paper thickness, commonly used for black and white printing.

How do you measure thickness of paper?

Calculate the Thickness

  1. Divide the total measurement of the stack/ream of paper by the number of sheets. For example: 2 inches/100 pages = 0.01-inches sheets.
  2. In case you measured the stack, and it gave you less than an inch, then you need to do the same. For example: 0.5-inches/100 sheets = 0.005-inches per sheet.

What is the basis weight of 80gsm paper?

This is known as the basis weight and is usually specified in pounds (lbs). The basis weight is the weight of a 500 sheet ream of uncut paper (see Reams & Quires – Paper Quantities Explained for more information on the ream). Ream of 80gsm office paper – showing clearly g/m 2 on the packaging.

What is the thickness of Matt coated paper?

The Thickness of Printing Paper List Name Thickness/mm Name Thickness/mm 80gsm art paper 0.065 105gsm matt coated paper 0.09 105gsm art paper 0.085 128gsm matt coated paper 0.12 128gsm art paper 0.105 157gsm matt coated paper 0.16 157gsm art paper 0.135 200gsm matt coated paper 0.19

How is the thickness of a sheet of paper determined?

First, there are three common methods for specifying paper weight and thickness: U.S. Basis Weight (Bond, Book, Index, Cover, Tag, Points, Offset ), Metric weight (GSM or G/m2) and, often interchangeable, Points or Mils (an actual Caliper reading of the paper thickness).

What is the thickness of gloss magazine paper?

Coated Paper (Gloss, Silk, Matt) Weight Thickness Description 70gsm 60mic Very thin magazine paper 80gsm 70mic Very thin magazine paper 90gsm 78mic Thin catalogue paper 100gsm 87mic Thin catalogue paper