How old is Jules Solange?

How old is Jules Solange?

How old is Solange’s son Julez Smith? Julez was born on 18 October 2004. He is 16 at the moment.

Is julez dating Skai Jackson?

Why did Skai Jackson and Julez Smith break up? Julez revealed that he was in a relationship with former Disney Channel star Skai, 18, but they have since called it off after she allegedly cheated. However, he has made it clear that their break up was not on good terms.

Is Julez Smith mixed?

(born October 18, 2004) is a Louisiana Creole-American/African-American media personality.

How old is Jules Smith?

Jules was born on October 18, 2004 and is 16 years old.

Who is Beyonce’s nephew?

Daniel Julez J. Smith Jr.via Solange

Is Skai Jackson Beyonce’s niece?

Beyoncé Told To ‘Come Get Her Nephew’ After He Spills Secrets On Ex Skai Jackson. Solange Knowles’ son, Julez Smith, 16, and Disney channel star, Skai Jackson, 18, are making headlines after it emerged they dated. It’s complicated,” the nephew of pop superstar Beyoncé reportedly wrote.

What grade is julez?

Boy, it seem like yesterday when Solange Knowles was rocking her baby bump in Destiny’s Child’s “Soldier” video…now Julez is graduating from 5th grade.

Does Beyonce talk to her half siblings?

Beyonce’s never met her half-brother but his mother doesn’t care although she’s going public with child support battle. Beyonce has never met her half-brother but it’s OK because his mother isn’t angry about it.

Who is the father of Beyonce?

Mathew Knowles
Mathew Knowles (born January 9, 1952) is an American record executive, businessman and university lecturer. He is best known for being the manager of Destiny’s Child. He also managed the beginning of solo careers of his daughters Beyoncé and Solange Knowles.

Who is Beyonce’s best friend?

friend Michelle Williams
American singer-actress Michelle Williams opened up like never before especially about her struggle with depression and her priceless friendship with pop titan Beyonce and other fellow band singer Kelly Rowland.

Who is the father of Julez Smith son?

Julez father, Daniel Julez Smith Sr., may not be as well-known to the public as some of his other relatives, but he’s done lots of things behind the scenes. He has worked as a talent manager for several years and currently works with Roc Nation. Daniel and Solange were married 2004 to 2007. Julez is their only child.

Who is the mother and aunt of Julez Smith?

Julez Smith is a member of one of the biggest families in the entertainment business. With Solange as his mother and Beyonce as his aunt, Julez has literally been around the industry for his entire life. In fact, people who have been Beyonce and Solange fans for years may feel like they’ve watched Julez grow up.

What did Julez Smith do in his free time?

During an interview with 97.9 in Houston, Julez shared that he enjoys making beats in his free time. He did add, however, that it’s just something he likes doing for fun and he has no plans on entering the music industry. 2. He Plays Basketball

How old is Julez Smith and Skai Jackson?

Recently, rumors began to circulate that Julez and Skai Jackson had been in a relationship. News of the relationship raised red flags to some because Skai is 18 and Julez is only 16. To make matters worse, a video that allegedly showed the couple in a sexual act was leaked on social media.