How much is a 1981 Honda Goldwing worth?

How much is a 1981 Honda Goldwing worth?


Excellent $6,180
Very Good $3,505
Good $2,035
Fair $1,530
Poor N/A

What is the horsepower of a Honda Goldwing?

125 hp
Honda Gold Wing

2018 Honda Gold Wing GL1800
Manufacturer Honda Motor Co., Ltd
Bore / stroke 73 mm × 73 mm (2.9 in × 2.9 in)
Compression ratio 10.5:1
Power 93 kW (125 hp) @ 5,500 rpm (claimed) 73 kW (98 hp) @ 5,500 rpm (rear wheel)

How fast is a 1982 Honda Goldwing?

1982 Honda GL 1100 Gold Wing specifications, pictures, reviews and rating

General information
Power: 83.0 HP (60.6 kW)) @ 7500 RPM
Torque: 88.0 Nm (9.0 kgf-m or 64.9 ft.lbs)
Top speed: 192.0 km/h (119.3 mph)
Compression: 9.2:1

How much horsepower does a 1200 Goldwing have?

Honda GL 1200 Gold Wing

Make Model Honda GL 1200 Gold Wing Aspencade SE-i 10th Anniversary
Starting Electric
Max Power 70.1 kW / 94 hp @ 7000 rpm
Max Power Rear Tyre 62.6 kW / 83.9 hp @ 7250 rpm
Max Torque 104.9 Nm / 10.7 kgf-m / 77.4 lb-ft @ 5500 rpm

What year did GoldWing avoid?

Avoid the 1978 and 1979 Honda Gold Wing model years One forum member of Gold Wing Facts says to avoid the 1978 and 1979 models.

How long do Honda Goldwings last?

Honda Gold Wings are incredibly durable and can last on average between 250,000 and 300,000 miles with instances of some even lasting up to 400,000 miles. When properly maintained and ridden responsibly the Gold Wing will easily deliver well over 15 years of service.

What year did Gold Wing avoid?

Avoid the 1984 and 1985 Honda Gold Wing Model Years As well as other little problems (nothing earth shaking though).” 1984 and 1985 Gold Wings do, in fact, have ignition problems. There was even a recall and not all of the ’84 VINs fit in the bracket; some owners had to repair their motorcycles independently.

What is a Gold Wing in Wings of Fire?

The GoldWings are one of the tribes with the most Animuses, the most famous being Tanzanite an animus who made the Oasis pool, an infinite pool with water safe for GoldWings to drink and swim in.

What is a 1982 Honda Goldwing worth?


Excellent $7,375
Very Good $4,265
Good $2,625
Fair $1,655
Poor N/A

What is the top speed of a Honda Goldwing 1800?

Top speed:
(theor. without speed governor) 231 km/h / 144 mph

What is a 1985 Honda GoldWing worth?


Excellent $7,175
Very Good $4,265
Good $2,600
Fair $1,590
Poor N/A

What is a GoldWing Wings of Fire?

Goldwings- Created by Dragonwolf 0514 They have glittering, white or faint gold or silver under-scales. One of the strangest, but most beautiful features of Goldwings is their diamond shaped scales on their face and along their wings. A Goldwing’s horns are curved downwards and tipped with gold.

What kind of engine does a Honda Gold Wing have?

2008 Honda Gold Wing Year: 2008 Make: Honda Model: Gold Wing Engine: liquid-cooled horizontally opposed six-cylinder Transmission: 5-speed Displacement: 1832 L Price: 19,599.00

Where can I find 1981 Honda GL 1100 gold wing?

You can list all 1981 Honda GL 1100 Gold Wing available and also sign up for e-mail notification when such bikes are advertised in the future. Bikez has a high number of users looking for used bikes. Before you buy this bike, you should view the list of related motorbikes Compare technical specs.

What’s the weight of a 1980 Honda Gold Wing?

Fortunately, the 1980 Gold Wing was designed with a higher gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) than previous ‘Wings. The 1100’s GVWR is 1105 pounds, and that means the 636-pound standard GL1100 can carry 469 pounds of luggage and passengers without being technically overloaded.

When did Honda start making the Honda Goldwing?

But of course that’s a reflection of that famous annual rally…. Anyway, the GL1100 “Aspencade” had just come out from the Midwest (Honda started manufacturing Goldwings in Ohio in 1981 until 2009, when they moved Goldwing production back to Japan).