How much grain does a goat need?

How much grain does a goat need?

Feed grain to your goats sparingly; adults will only need 1 ½ pound a day as an absolute maximum. Kids require significantly less – around ½ a cup will do the trick. Most goats gain the majority of nutrition from foraging, where adequate pasture is available.

Should goats eat grain?

Goat feed. Assuming you are bringing home kids, they will probably need goat feed (sometimes just called grain) for at least a few months while they are still growing fast. Bucks and wethers should not have grain after about six months of age, and does only need grain at the very end of pregnancy and while in milk.

How do you make goat mix?

The outcome is a mix of 4 parts alfalfa pellets, 3 parts barley, 3 parts oats, 1 part feed broad beans, 1 part carob and 2% sunflower seeds (then latter can be done by estimation).

Can you feed whole grains to goats?

Whole grains can be fed to goats successfully. In 2002, we conducted a study comparing a whole barley-protein supplement diet with a commercial pelleted meat goat diet. The performance of the buck kids were similar for both diets, but the goats consuming the whole grain diet produced gains at half the cost.

What is the best hay to feed goats?

Legume hays such as alfalfa, lespedeza, and clover tend to be higher in protein. Feeding a mixture of grass hay along with legume hay seems to be best for keeping a goat in proper health. Also, consider feeding goats fresh fodder for even better nutrition.

Do my goats always need grain?

No, goats don’t need grain. As long as they are getting good hay and sounds like lots of browse, they will be fine

What is the best hay feeder for goats?

Keep your hay supplier consistent to ensure a level of quality in your hay, and to avoid feed upsets in your goats. A mix of grass hay and alfalfa is ideal for goats, but a good alfalfa hay is preferred for lactating goats. Second cut hay is always better for your goats than first cut.

How do you make hay feeder for goats?

Building a Hay Feeder. A goat hay feeder can be constructed by building a large wooden box and lining it with wire mesh that has openings which are no more than 1 inch wide. Fill the box with hay and allow the goats to eat the hay by pulling the hay through the wire out of the box.