How many goals did Lionel Messi scored in 2012?

How many goals did Lionel Messi scored in 2012?

91 – The record for most number of goals scored in a calendar year. He scored 91 official goals in 2012, 84 with Barcelona (59 in the League, 13 in the Champions League, 5 in the Copa del Rey and 2 in the Super Cup) and 12 with the Argentine national team.

How many goals did Messi score for Barcelona in 2012?

79 goals
Lionel Messi scored 73 goals & delivered 29 assists in 2011/12 season, both are his highest tally in a single season for Barcelona. Indeed, the Argentinian Top player scored 79 goals in 2012, his best netting calendar year.

How many goals Messi scored in his highest scoring season 2012?

91 Goals
The year 2012, in which Lionel Messi scored an incredible 91 goals in 69 games, began inauspiciously for him.

Who is faster Neymar or Ronaldo?

Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior, commonly known as Neymar Jr. or simply Neymar, is a Brazilian professional footballer who plays as a forward for French club Paris Saint-Germain and the Brazil national team. His top speed is 31 km/hr. According to FIFA, Cristiano Ronaldo’s fastest speed is 31 km/hr.

What is Messi best season?

– Messi has set the world record for a goals in a single calendar year, with a grand total of 91, beating the previous all-time best set in 1972 by Germany and Bayern’s Gert Müller, who got 85. The Argentinian got 79 goals for Barça and another 12 for his national team.

Who has the most hat trick in soccer?

Cristiano Ronaldo
How do those numbers compare with their contemporaries’?

Player Clubs and country Career hat-tricks
Cristiano Ronaldo Manchester United, Real Madrid, Juventus, Portugal 56
Lionel Messi Barcelona, Argentina 54
Luis Suárez Ajax, Liverpool, Barcelona, Uruguay 29
Robert Lewandowski Borussia Dortmund, Bayern München, Poland 20

How many goals has Messi scored for Barcelona?

Messi holds the record for most goals scored in La Liga history, at, and this is the most impressive bit, an astounding 0.92 goals-per-game. The next closest on the all-time list is Ronaldo, with 311. Messi has scored 634 goals for FC Barcelona.

How many minutes did Messi play in 2012?

According to ESPN FC’s count of Messi’s playing time in 2012, that’s an average of one goal every 66 minutes he was on the pitch.

How many hat tricks has Lionel Messi scored?

Hat-tricks No. Opponent Goals Score Date 1 Switzerland 3 – (1–0′, 2–1′, 3–1′) 3–1 29 February 2012 2 Brazil 3 – (1–1′, 2–1′, 4–3′) 4–3 9 June 2012 3 Guatemala 3 – (1–0′, 3–0′, 4–0′) 4–0 14 June 2013 4 Panama 3 – (2–0′, 3–0′, 4–0′) 5–0 10 June 2016

When did Lionel Messi start playing for Argentina?

Lionel Messi is an Argentine professional footballer who has represented the Argentina national football team as a forward since his debut in 2005.