How long was the ABA in the NBA?

How long was the ABA in the NBA?

The ABA existed from 1967 to 1976 — for nine full seasons. During that time, the ABA fought a bitter war with the established National Basketball Association (the NBA) for players, fans, and media attention. In June 1976, the two rival pro leagues finally made peace.

Can a basketball player leave the ABA early?

The ABA believed that in extenuating circumstances, such as financial situation or familial needs, players should be able to leave for professional leagues early.

When did the Indiana Pacers join the ABA?

In his book Reborn – The Pacers and the Return of Pro Basketball to Indianapolis, Mark Montieth takes you back to the start of the ABA, and the very beginnings of the Pacers franchise. For their first two seasons of 1967-68 and 1968-69, the Pacers had a lot going for them. They had a solid ownership group with (mostly) reliable financial backing.

What was the history of the American Basketball Association?

League history. The ABA was conceived at a time stretching from 1960 through the mid-1970s when numerous upstart leagues were challenging, with varying degrees of success, the established major professional sports leagues in the United States. Basketball was seen as particularly vulnerable to a challenge; its major league,…

Why was the dunk contest important to the ABA?

The ABA and NBA had begun to discuss a possible merger, and the ABA owners wanted to establish the viability and success of their league. The Dunk Contest operated as a means of unique halftime entertainment that displayed the style and excitement that the ABA players brought to the game.

Who are the remaining teams in the ABA?

In June 1976, the two rival pro leagues finally made peace. Four of the strongest ABA teams (the New York Nets, Denver Nuggets, Indiana Pacers, and San Antonio Spurs) joined the NBA and survived. The other remaining ABA teams (the Kentucky Colonels, the Spirits of St. Louis, and the Virginia Squires) vanished, along with the ABA itself.