How long does it take to walk around La Digue?

How long does it take to walk around La Digue?

The route is subdivided into sections along the coast, through cliffs, in the water, and through dense rainforest. With the jetty at La Passe serving as the start and end point, this ten-kilometre walk should take you around three or four hours. First of all, head to the south-west, passing La Digue Island Lodge.

Where is La Digue Island Seychelles?

Transcript. NARRATOR: The Seychelles islands lie just off the East coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean. La Digue, one of the more than 100 islands, lies northeast of the country’s main island, Mahé.

How do I get to La Digue?

Undoubtedly the best option to reach La Digue is to take a direct ferry from Mahe or an indirect one from Mahe to Praslin and from Praslin to La Digue. It is recommended to get the ferry tickets 48 hours prior or take help from the travel agent.

Is La Digue or Praslin better?

If you’re looking for great snorkelling, Mahe or La Digue are great, but Praslin isn’t. If you’re looking for a good place to swim, I recommend you Mahe. And if you’re looking for national parks, active holidays and swimming as well, Praslin is a good option.

Where is La Digue located in the Seychelles?

La Digue is the third most populated island of the Seychelles, and fifth largest by land area, lying east of Praslin and west of Felicite Island.

Where are the best beaches in the Seychelles?

La Digue is famous for its breathtaking beaches, including Anse Source d’Argent. Sit back and relax on one of the Seychelles’ remote beaches on smaller islands. Anse aux Cèdres is a uniquely natural beach in the south of La Digue.

Which is the best beach to visit on La Digue?

The beaches here are spectacular, particularly Grand Anse and Anse Source d’Argent, which is strewn with pink granite rocks. There are very few cars here, so traveling by bike or by ox cart is the way to go.

Which is the best Island Lodge in Seychelles?

La Digue Island Lodge is one of the most unique and vintage establishments of Seychelles – surrounded by a lush green environment and a private stretch of beach.