How long does Bankart repair take to heal?

How long does Bankart repair take to heal?

According to Dr. Reuss, many patients report feeling they have regained full use of their shoulder and arm anywhere between three to six months after surgery. In some cases, however, recovery may last as long as nine to 12 months.

Can Bankart lesions heal without surgery?

Bankart lesions may be treated through conservative methods such as rest, immobilization and physical therapy, particularly in older patients. However, many cases require surgery to reattach the torn labrum to the socket of the shoulder.

What is the rehab protocol for Bankart surgery?

Arthroscopic Bankart Repair Rehab Protocol This rehabilitation protocol has been developed for the patient following an arthroscopic Bankart surgical procedure. The protocol is divided into phases. Each phase is adaptable based on the individual and special circumstances.

What are the exercises for a Bankart repair?

EXERCISES: Continue appropriate previous exercises with increased resistance as tolerated PROM / mobilization as needed to regain full ROM Push-up progression – Table to chair (no elbow flexion > 90 degrees) Ball toss with arm at side using light ball Treadmill – Running progression program Pool walking / running – With UE resistance (no swimming)

When to go to rehab after posterior Bankart repair?

Rehabilitation after Arthroscopic Posterior Bankart Repair Phase 1: 0 to 2 weeks after surgery POSTOPERATIVE INSTRUCTIONS You will wake up in the operating room. A sling and an ice pack will be in place. You will go to the recovery room and generally will be discharged after 1-2 hours. You can get out of bed when you wish.

What are the goals for Bankart shoulder rehab?

Goals: 1 Decrease pain and edema. 2 Initiate passive range of motion to shoulder per restrictions (anterior­ no ER/Ext, posterior­no IR). 3 Passive range of motion < 50 degrees flexion/scaption. 4 Full elbow range of motion.