How does Solr define facets?

How does Solr define facets?

The facet. method parameter selects the type of algorithm or method Solr should use when faceting a field. The following methods are available. Enumerates all terms in a field, calculating the set intersection of documents that match the term with documents that match the query.

What is facet in API?

A facet is a tool that your users can use to further tune search results to their liking. It will generate a count for a value or range based on a field within a schema. A facet is added to a field to provide a count of results that share values within that field.

How is a field treated as a facet in Solr?

The facet.field parameter identifies a field that should be treated as a facet. It iterates over each Term in the field and generate a facet count using that Term as the constraint. This parameter can be specified multiple times in a query to select multiple facet fields.

How to do faceted search in Apache Solr?

Open the web User Interface of Solr and on the left-hand side of the web page, click on the checkbox facet, as shown in the below-given figure. After clicking on the checkbox, we will have three different text fields to pass the parameters of the faceted search. After that, pass the following values as parameters of the query.

How does date faceting work in Solr query?

Date faceting − It returns the number of documents that fall within certain date ranges. Faceting commands are added to any normal Solr query request, and the faceting counts come back in the same query response.

What are the default parameters for Apache Solr?

Specifies an offset (by default, 0) into the responses at which Solr should begin displaying content. Controls how many rows of responses are displayed at a time (default value: 10) Applies a filter query to the search results. Limits the information included in a query response to a specified list of fields.