How do you write a character reference for court NSW?

How do you write a character reference for court NSW?

What information should a character reference contain? References should be typed and preferably on a letterhead. They should either be addressed to ‘Your Honour’ or ‘To the Presiding Magistrate/Judge’. They should be signed and dated, and the original should be available to hand-up to the court on the day of sentence.

What do I write in a character reference for court?

Character letters should include your name, mailing address, phone number and email address so that the court can verify your information. They should be addressed either to the Honorable [FIRST NAME] [LAST NAME] or Judge [FIRST NAME] [LAST NAME].

Can character references help in court?

There is little in the way of official protocol surrounding providing character references. However, it has proven to be useful in cases in the past. You should speak to your solicitor about whether they think they would help.

How many character references do I need for court?

The Magistrate will take your character reference into account when deciding what your Court outcome should be. You can have as many character references as you want. Two or three character references are ideal.

Do judges read character letters?

Character letters for a judge requesting a lower sentence for a defendant are a mainstay of federal criminal cases. This is because most federal judges limit the number of live witnesses, but will receive and review almost any number of support or character letters.

Can family give a character reference?

Can a family member write a character reference? A character reference shouldn’t be written by an immediate relative (such as a parent or sibling), or extended family member, as their opinions may be biased. Close friends also shouldn’t be asked, for the same reason.

How long should a character reference be?

A character reference should be professional and concise, covering around one full page. You should only accept a request to provide a character reference if you know the applicant well enough to speak in a positive manner about their traits and qualities that relate to the job or role in question.

Do judges read character references?

There isn’t any need to write about the crime, and there isn’t any need to write about the sentence. Good character reference letters help the judge understand the defendant as an individual. Any personal examples or experiences with the defendant can reveal that the writer truly knows about the defendant’s character.

Why do you need a character reference in NSW?

A character reference is a letter written by a person who knows you and can tell the court about your good character. In all the states including New South Wales a character reference can help the court to understand a bit more about you as a person and may help you to receive a lesser penalty.

How is a character reference set out in court?

A character reference is set out as a letter. It is preferable that it is typed and, if possible, on a letter head. On the top right hand side it should have the referee’s name, address and telephone number. It must be dated. On the left hand side, it is addressed to the relevant New South Wales court.

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