How do you unlock the mosasaurus in Lego Jurassic World?

How do you unlock the mosasaurus in Lego Jurassic World?

Mosasaurus. Where: On the far left side of the main room, bottom floor, you’ll find a security terminal. Use a hacker character on it, and you’ll be rewarded with access to a hidden room. Enter the new door to reach the “Extraction Lab,” then switch to Owen Grady or Eric Kirby and activate their camouflage ability.

Where can you play as the mosasaurus in Lego Jurassic World?

Jurassic World island hub
The Mosasaurus arena is located in the Jurassic World island hub. The mosasaurus is the only swimming dinosaur in this game.

How do you unlock the Dimorphodon?

It is unlocked by completing the Earth Shattering event. More individuals can be purchased in the market for 3,600 DNA or found through card packs. As of January 30, 2017, a level 40 Dimorphodon can be fused with a level 40 Metriacanthosaurus to create the hybrid Metriaphodon.

How to unlock a Mosasaurus in Lego Jurassic World?

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What did the Mosasaurus eat in Jurassic World?

Zach Mitchell and Gray Mitchell watched him at the feeding show. when the Pteradons were released, one flew over the mosasaur tank, and he ate the pteranodon (nicknamed flap) with Zara. he also ate the Indominus Rex, thus saving the park. at the end of the game he was seen swimming around with his victims playing cards.

What was the Mosasaurus enclosure in Jurassic Park?

One early concept of the Mosasaurus’ enclosure was a Shark tunnel and in that concept, the Mosasaur was eating a person (possibly having fallen during the pterosaur attack) in the presence of parkgoers.

What kind of dinosaurs are in Jurassic World?

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