How do you insert a tampon without an applicator?

How do you insert a tampon without an applicator?

Using a tampon without an applicator

  1. With clean hands hold the base of the tampon between the index finger and the thumb.
  2. Insert the tampon into the vagina.
  3. Push the tampon inside, gently, with the middle finger while leaving the string hanging out of the vagina.

Are tampons without applicators easier?

Non-applicator tampons are much smaller and easier to carry around. Being smaller means less packaging and waste, which is more environmentally friendly, especially if you’re using biodegradable, organic cotton tampons.

How do you put in a tampon for beginners without pain?

When it’s time to insert, gently push the tampon inside your vaginal canal until only the string remains outside of the body. If your tampon has an applicator, grasp the tube and gently pull it out. The tampon should remain inside your vagina.

How do you properly insert a tampon?

Insert a Tampon with a Built-In Applicator Use soap and water to wash your hands properly. Dry your hands and unwrap the tampon. Get in a comfortable position and hold a tampon in your dominant hand. Hold your tampon exactly in the middle while making sure the string is still visible and is away from your body.

Where and how do you insert a tampon?

How to insert a tampon Sit on the toilet and spread your knees apart. With two fingers, hold onto the grip. Insert the tip of the applicator into your vaginal opening and then slide the entire barrel inside you. The grip that you’re holding stays outside. Now that the barrel is inside you, hold the grip and push the plunger inside.

Where do tampons go?

A tampon is inserted into your vaginal opening , which falls somewhere in the middle of your urethra and your anus. I recommend taking a mirror and having a look down there to find where the opening is. Alternatively, you could use your finger or a tampon to feel around for where the hole is.

What is a tampon applicator?

Tampon applicators are typically made of plastic or cardboard. Tampons are designed to be inserted into the vaginal canal during menstruation in order to absorb the menstrual flow. Digital tampons do not come with an applicator and are meant to be inserted with a finger.