How do you get the kill counter in Undertale?

How do you get the kill counter in Undertale?

As long as you’re on the Genocide route, save points checked outside the Ruins will give you a count of the number of monsters you have left to kill in the area. The count of monster kills for each section, followed by the name of the area boss, is as follows.

Does Mettaton count as a kill?

Despite claiming to be a human eradicator, Mettaton NEO does absolutely nothing. Any non-missing attack instantly kills him as he is scripted to take between 900,000 and 999,999 damage, no matter the strength of the attack.

Is there a Genocide kill counter in Undertale?

:: Undertale General Discussions Genocide Kill Counter? So, I’m doing the Merciless Run (complete Neutral/Pacifist runs) and I’m in the ruins. I’ve been running about killing the random encounters. Does anyone know if there is a specific amount of NPCs I have to kill before leaving the ruins? Because I don’t want it to really drag on

How many kills can you get in Undertale?

Napstablook dissapears and lets you pass if you have already exhausted the kill counter before getting to his area. Toriel obviously adds 1 kill. Total possible kills in the Ruins: 23. Snowdin kills needed before fighting Papyrus: 16. If you have 15 kills and encounter 3 monsters you can get 18 kills.

What happens if you get removed from an encounter in Undertale?

Monsters that are removed from battle are either grayed out with a certain sprite (usually their “hurt” sprite) or absent from the battlefield entirely. The protagonist’s HP reaches 0. The SOUL breaks in half, then shatters, which results in a game over, and the game loads to the last SAVE Point before the encounter.

Who is the caretaker of the ruins in Undertale?

Toriel will explain she is the caretaker of these ruins and often comes by to check if humans have fallen. You are apparently the first human in a long time and she offers you to guide you through the ruins . You don’t really have a choice, so follow Toriel to learn the basics of how Undertale works.