How do I renew my Wisconsin nursing license?

How do I renew my Wisconsin nursing license?

Renewal Methods

  1. Online log in here: License Renewal Online.
  2. Request a Paper Renewal Form: (608) 266-2112.

What does Department of Safety and Professional Services do?

In addition to plan review, the Department of Safety and Professional Services issues more than 240 unique licenses, administers dozens of boards and councils that regulate professions, enforces state building codes, runs the state fire prevention program, and maintains the award-winning Wisconsin Enhanced Prescription …

How do I verify a nursing license in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin: Nursing Board Tracker

  1. Phone: 608.266.2112.
  2. Fax: 608.261.7083.
  3. Online: http://drl.wi.gov/
  4. Contact Person: Jeff Scanlan, Bureau Director, Health Services Boards.

How do I change my name on my nursing license in Wisconsin?

You can enter your new name and previous name(s) on the “Entity Name” and “Personal Details” page of your next license application. Submit a request for a name change in ELO. There is a $45 fee for this service because a new background check must be conducted on the new name.

What is the Wisconsin Department of safety and professional services?

The Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services (DSPS) protects the citizens of Wisconsin by ensuring safe and competent practice of licensed professionals, safety in the construction and use of public and private buildings, and compliance with professional and industry standards.

What is the registration fee in Wi?

The following are the registration fees that you will have to pay in Wisconsin: For passenger vehicles you will need to pay $75 to have them registered Motorcycles will cost $23 to register Title fee is $69.50

What is a professional regulation?

Professional regulation. Regulation exists in many forms, from employer-led to statutory, with a number of variations in structure and processes but with a common aim to ensure public safety. The reason for such variation is historical legal frameworks which over time, have seen changes to rules and regulations, often in relation to fitness and practice arrangements.

What is a licensing bureau?

The Licensing Bureau is responsible for processing and reviewing all retail license transfer and renewal applications submitted by municipalities to ensure the transactions are in accord with statutes and regulations. This includes the provision of application forms, license certificates, and the offering of instruction…