How do I crop a featured image in WordPress?

How do I crop a featured image in WordPress?

To Crop a Featured Image

  1. Click the image on the right.
  2. It will now have a blue background, and will also appear on the left with the current crop outlined.
  3. Click in the center of the outline and move it where you want to crop.
  4. Click the “save crop” button when you’re finished.

How do I crop a thumbnail?

Take the mouse over to the image and then drag across the image to select the area you want to crop and click on the crop and save button. For more settings you can click on the options button which will display additional settings. You can enter an aspect ratio to maintain during cropping.

How do I change the featured image in WordPress?

2. Change your featured image dimensions.

  1. From the WordPress dashboard, select Settings > Media.
  2. In the number fields next to Thumbnail size, input the desired dimensions for your featured images. (WordPress uses the terms “thumbnail” and “featured image” interchangeably.)
  3. Click Save Changes.

Why is WordPress cropping my images?

Some will preserve your orientation, and others will not. BONUS TIP: To view the additional theme-specific image sizes in your Attachment Display Settings, use the plugin WP Image Size Selection. The usual cropping culprit is that your theme assumes an orientation or a proportion different from your image.

How to crop a featured image in WordPress?

Many WordPress themes automatically crop an image from the middle which ruins your featured image. Post Thumbnail Editor plugin allows you to edit featured images and crop them inside WordPress. You can then use your cropped image as the featured image. See our tutorial on how to crop and edit WordPress post thumbnails for detailed instructions.

How does the crop thumbnail plugin work in WordPress?

It add buttons to the edit-pages and media-dialog to access a crop-editor. In the crop-editor you can choose one or more (if they have the same ratio) imagesizes and cut-off the part of the image you want. The plugin is especially useful for theme developers who want to keep full control over cropped image sizes.

How does the auto crop work in WordPress?

Unfortunately, though, the auto-crop function is rather basic. WordPress simply crops from the center of the image – cropping off the top/bottom and left/right equally. If the important part of the image is on, say, the right-hand side, most of it will be cropped out.

Which is the best plugin for featured image on WordPress?

Easy Add Thumbnail plugin solves this problem by automatically setting up the first image in a post as featured image. Even if you or other authors on your site forget to set a featured image, this plugin will automatically set one for you. For older posts, it sets a featured image when the post is viewed on the front-end.