How do I contact NC Medicaid?

How do I contact NC Medicaid?


  1. NC Medicaid Contact Center – Provider and beneficiary information on Medicaid and NC Health Choice policies and procedures. Phone: 888-245-0179.
  2. NCTracks Contact Center – Provider information for claims and billing. Phone: 800-688-6696.
  3. Patrick Doyle, Director. Phone: 919-855-4100.
  4. John E. Thompson, Director.

Will Medicaid pay for dental implants?

Unfortunately, neither Medicare nor Medicaid covers dental implants for low-income families or seniors in our state. This is a major problem as many seniors suffer from severe dental problems and have no means of remedying them without health insurance covering them.

Who is the dentist in Chapel Hill NC?

Dr. Holman and Dr. Pedersen are driven by a shared passion for serving their community. From the moment you walk through the door, you have our attention. Relax and enjoy a judgment-free dental experience designed to make you feel welcome, cared for, and appreciated. No insurance? No problem.

Is the Brightside family dental in Chapel Hill open?

Brightside Family Dental is excited to announce that our office is now open for all treatments and procedures, and that we’re taking additional special measures to ensure the health and safety of our patients and staff. Use our intuitive app to take a clear photo of your smile. Once you get the shot you like, upload it so we can get started!

How to find a dentist with Medicaid in NC?

If you use this option to find a new dentist, you must still call the Medicaid Contact Center or your local DSS office to ask for the change. If you need dental treatment, you will need to go to a dentist who is enrolled in the Medicaid and/or NC Health Choice Program.

Who are the best dental providers in NC?

Orthodontists and Dentofacial Orthopedists – Provide braces and other appliances to correct the alignment of the teeth and the dental arches: the maxilla and the madible. LHD – Local Health Departments provide exams, X-rays, preventive services, fillings and simple extractions