How can you tell Oliver and James Phelps apart?

How can you tell Oliver and James Phelps apart?

James Phelps (Fred Weasley)

  1. His face is shorter, and a little bit rounder.
  2. He has a scar on his left eyebrow.
  3. His eyes are not as slanted, and are deeper.
  4. He doesn’t have a bump to his nose, whereas Oliver does.
  5. His top lip is straight, while Oliver’s top lip is curved.
  6. He is the shorter of the two.

Who is older James or Oliver Phelps?

James and Oliver Phelps were born in the Sutton Coldfield area of Birmingham, England on 25 February 1986. Oliver is the older of the two by 13 minutes.

Was Oliver Phelps Fred or George?

While James played the role of Fred, Oliver portrayed George. The brothers revealed the tidbit to their co-star in the franchise Evanna Lynch on their podcast Normal Not Normal.

Are James and Oliver Phelps twins in real life?

Say hello to James and Oliver Phelps, the real-life twins who played the troublesome Fred and George Weasley respectively.

How are Oliver Phelps and James Potter related?

—Oliver Phelps on his emotions pretending that James’s death was real to him and not as a fictional characters. The Harry Potter Wiki has 16 images related to James and Oliver Phelps. ↑ Mentioned in radio interview.

How can you tell the difference between Oliver and James?

Oliver Phelps (George Weasley) His face is longer, straighter, and a little bit skinnier. He has a mole on the right side of his neck. His eyes are a bit more slanted, and not as deep. He has a bump to his nose, whereas James doesn’t. His smile has a curve on the top left and right part of the upper lip. He is the taller of the two.

Where did Oliver Phelps and James Phelps go to school?

Growing up, they attended Little Sutton Primary School and the Arthur Terry Secondary School. As they spent an extensive amount of time shooting for Harry Potter, the twins were tutored on set, along with their fellow school-age cast friends.

Who are the Phelps brothers in Harry Potter?

Siblings James (Fred) and Oliver (George) Phelps are clearly very close, but they also stuck close to the HP franchise following the final film. And though Fred Weasley was ultimately offed in ‘Deathly Hallows Part 2,’ the twins did get to film the entire rest of the series together.