How can I manage my 4b hair type?

How can I manage my 4b hair type?

In general, your 4b wash day routine should look something like this:

  1. A pre-poo.
  2. Shampoo (cleansing conditioner one week, shampoo the next week)
  3. Conditioner (and use this time to detangle), rinse out with cold water.
  4. Deep condition/protein treatment.
  5. Style using a hydrating leave-in conditioner, a cream and an oil/gel.

Can you define 4b hair?

4b hair is a little less defined than type 3 hair, and the texture is hella varied—it can range from super-fine spirals to tight, coarse curls.

What does 4b type hair look like?

Type 4B: Instead of coiling or curling, you have hair that bends in sharp angles. They look quite a bit like the letter Z. The curl is tighter and far less defined, having the circumference of an ink pen. The hair texture, which is tightly coiled like all Type 4s, ranges from super fine and soft to coarse and wiry.

What’s the difference between 4a and 4B hair?

Type 4B hair bends with really sharp angles and often has a z shape and zigzag like patterns. Just like type 4A hair, this type is pretty fragile as well. When it comes to type 4B hair it resembles tight curls. These curls are tighter than and not as wide as type 4A hair in diameter.

What’s the best way to apply products to 4B hair?

TBH, there’s no set rules when it comes to apply products to 4b hair, but if you’re looking for a starting point, the LOC method (aka when you apply a leave-in, an oil, and then a cream) is an excellent first step. Here’s what you’ll do:

What are the Best Hairstyles for Type 4 hair?

A dark ruby red looks stunning up against dark roots. One of the best things about type 4 hair is that is can hold a curl really well, even if that curl is self-made. This includes perm rod sets, which create large, fluffy curls that almost always steal the show.

What kind of brush do you use for 4B hair?

Having the right combs and brushes in your hair care arsenal is key. Always use a wide tooth comb when detangling your 4B curls. You can also use a detangling brush if you prefer that instead.