How can I make my packet mix better for cake?

How can I make my packet mix better for cake?

How To Hack A Boxed Cake Mix And Make It Infinitely Better

  1. Add additional eggs.
  2. Use butter instead of oil.
  3. Replace water with milk or coffee.
  4. Go crazy with mix-ins.
  5. Whip it good.
  6. Add sour cream or mayo.
  7. Add instant pudding mix.
  8. Brush cooled cake with simple syrup.

What would you add to a boxed cake mix to make it better without changing the original formula?

1. Up the Richness. Regardless of the type of boxed cake mix you’re using, one reliable approach to improving the flavor is to add 1 egg yolk in addition to the eggs already called for. If the instructions call for oil, you can also use melted butter instead.

How do you make instant cake taste better?

Try adding a few of these tips to your box cake mix taste better!

  1. Use milk instead of water.
  2. Add extra eggs.
  3. Add sugar and flour to the dry mix.
  4. Use coffee instead of water for chocolate cakes.
  5. Sour Cream is perfect for adding moisture and rich flavor.
  6. Pudding adds moisture and flavor.

How to make a box cake mix better?

1. Add additional eggs Add one more egg than the box says to transform your baked goods into superior desserts. The additional egg adds more fat to the batter, creating a richer, moister taste while also providing structure for a more tender cake. 2. Use butter instead of oil

What can you add to cake mix to make it more decadent?

Start with the holy grail of cake hacks; add an extra egg, swap oil for butter, and replace water with milk. It’ll add some extra decadence. This is a tried-and-true must of a recipe for taking any boxed cake mix to the next level.

How to make cake mix taste like homemade?

Try adding a few of these tips to your box cake mix to make it taste just like homemade! Milk. Use whole milk instead of water. It gives it a denser texture like homemade. Eggs. Use 3-4 eggs instead of 2 for a richer taste. Sugar & Flour. Add 1/4- 1 cup sugar and flour to your cake mix. Coffee.

Why do you add milk to cake mix?

Milk: Add MILK, not water, when your box mix calls for liquid. The milk adds density, fat and, most importantly, extra flavor to your mix.