How can I become ultrasound doctor in India?

How can I become ultrasound doctor in India?

To become a sonographer, you must be an allied health science graduate. it’s an added advantage for you. in India, there is no college teaching sonography to nonmedical students or allied health students. even B.Sc or M.Sc Radiology creating only radiographer.

Can MBBS doctor do ultrasound?

Till now, only gynaecologists and radiologists with post-graduate medical qualifications were allowed to perform ultrasound sonography on pregnant women. The Act also allowed MBBS doctors with six months’ training to conduct sonography but there had been a lot of ambiguity about the training aspects.

How can I study for ultrasound?

Here are a few important tips that will help you get ahead and make you a true master of ultrasound:

  1. 1) Know what you are looking for. Imagine you dropped a bag full of shopping goods.
  2. 2) Observe-describe-interpret.
  3. 3) Have the courage to be uncertain.
  4. 4) Ask others.
  5. 5) Follow up on your patients.

When did sonography start in India?

When USG machine came to India and became popular in the 1980s, few anti-social elements used the modern innovation to detect the sex of fetuses and abort female fetuses. It became a business and scan centers that overtly or covertly advertised that they would reveal the sex of fetus mushroomed.

Is there an online Institute of ultrasound in India?

We have in campus and online ultrasound training of pregnancy ultrasonography, obstetrics ultrasound, obs and gynae ultrasound, color Doppler ultrasound courses in India. We have hands on training, video online training as well as other online platform of ultrasound training.

Where can I get a training in ultrasound?

Institute of Ultrasound Training is an affiliate education center of Jefferson Ultrasound Research & Education Institute, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, Philadelphia, USA- the only collaborating center in the world recognized by World Health Organization (WHO) for imparting training & Education in ultrasound.

When was the Institute of ultrasound training founded?

Get Enrolled! Welcome to Ultrasound Training Institute! Institute of Ultrasound Training was founded by Dr.J.S.Randhawa & Dr.Sonal Randhawa in the year 2000. It is a center solely dedicated to education, training and research in Diagnostic ultrasound and Color Doppler since 2000.

Which is the best Institute for ultrasonography training?

Our institute and faculties are your mentor to enhance your knowledge and skill in ultrasonography. You can start your career as Gynecologist, sonologist, sonographer, obstetrician, DGO and radiologist as well as improve your skill and knowledge with our quality ultrasound training videos and case study.