How big do upside-down jellyfish get?

How big do upside-down jellyfish get?

30 cm
General Description: Cassiopea can grow up to 30 cm in diameter and is yellow-brown in color. The bell and underside is like other common jellies with short, branching tentacles under a shallow, domed cap.

Are upside-down jellyfish sessile?

Upside-down jellyfish, Cassiopea xamachana. TRAITS. The mobile medusa stage is dioecious, which means that there are separate males and females, although there are no features which distinguish the sexes. The polyp stage is sessile (fixed to the substrate) and small (Sterrer, 1986).

What is an upside-down jellyfish called?

Scientific name: Cassiopea sp.

How big are jellyfish tentacles?

Tentacles. Up to 15 tentacles grow from each corner of the bell and can reach 10 feet in length. Each tentacle has about 5,000 stinging cells, which are triggered not by touch but by the presence of a chemical on the outer layer of its prey.

How big can an upside down jellyfish get?

Upside-down jellyfish can grow to about 30 cm wide, and can sting you if you’re unlucky enough to step on one.

What kind of jellyfish is on the bottom?

Introduction to the Upside-Down Jellyfish Aka. Mangrove Jellyfish (Cassiopeia sp.) The Upside-Down Jellyfish is a really unusual Jellyfish (at least as I usually think of jellyfish) in that it spends its time on the bottom with its bell pressed against the ground.

What can you put in an upside down jellyfish tank?

Sand is generally not used in jellyfish tanks, but it can be used in Upside Down jellyfish tanks. A good tank set up is to take a 10 gallon glass or acrylic aquarium. Screen off a section of the tank for a filter or find a way to cover the intake of the filter really well. Add some sand or go with a bare bottom.

Why are upside down jellyfish good for prawns?

The upside-down jellyfish also plays host to little prawns that live nearby, because its arms offer them a protective shelter, and in return, the prawns clear it of parasites. So, this strange jelly, named after TWO heavyweights in Greek mythology, is a friend to prawns and algae, and looks very cute doing it: