How are the pleats on a perfectpleat filter controlled?

How are the pleats on a perfectpleat filter controlled?

Pleat spacing is controlled by straps bonded to the air-entering side and the multiple rows of pleat spacers on the air-leaving side. The pleat spacers also ensure that the pleats remain open during use, maximizing filter life. Have Questions?

How to make a pleating board and create perfect pleats?

Create yourself a tool to help make easy pleats in your fabric. Making a pleated skirt or dress? Spend a little time making a pleating board and you’ll save hours pleating that endless fabric. This is a video of me making the pleating board in under 40 minutes. All you need is lining paper, strong spray adhesive, a long ruler, scissors and an iron.

What are the features of the perfectpleat ultra filter?

PerfectPleat ULTRA filters have distinctive self-supporting characteristics with a pleating pattern that promotes even airflow and maximizes dust holding capacity (DHC). The initial efficiency of the PerfectPleat ULTRA filter is MERV 8, but note that the efficiency increases over the life of the filter.

Why does the perfectpleat Ultra have more media?

The PerfectPleat ULTRA filter has approximately 25% more media than our standard capacity PerfectPleat filter, and also incorporates an antimicrobial. The antimicrobial is applied to the media to preserve the integrity of the media throughout the filter’s useful life by inhibiting microbial growth.

When to use the perfectpleat ultra air filter?

The PerfectPleat ULTRA filter is ideal for applications where pleated filters are currently in use, and higher efficiencies are desired or required. It is also suited to high moisture conditions where bacterial growth may be likely to occur on air filters. Superior Design and Construction

What happens to Duraflex media when it is pleated?

When pleated, DuraFlex media will hold its shape without the wire support characteristic of conventional pleated filters. That means no potential for the formation of rust, and safer handling.