Does Willamette Dental cover root canals?

Does Willamette Dental cover root canals?

When the initial root canal therapy was performed by a Willamette Dental Group dentist, the retreatment of such root canal therapy will be covered as part of the initial treatment for the first 24 months.

Does Willamette Dental cover implants?

Most Willamette Dental group insurance plans do not cover implant crowns. When an implant is covered under a group dental plan the patient is quoted a “global fee” which includes the entire implant process including the titanium post, the abutment and the crown.

How many offices does Willamette Dental have?

Convenient Care With more than 50 dental offices throughout Oregon, Washington and Idaho, it’s likely we have an office near you. Office information including address and directions is available on our website at willamettedental.com.

Does Oregon Health Plan cover dentures?

Urgent and emergency dental care. Full dentures every 10 years and partial dentures every 5 years, if appropriate….Oregon Health Plan (OHP) covers:

OHP dental benefits* Pregnant women and members under 21 All other members
Partial dentures Covered Limited

Can I sign up for the Willamette dental group plan and still go to my own dentist?

Can I sign up for the Willamette Dental Group plan and still go to my own dentist? Members of Willamette Dental Group insurance plans should receive care from a Willamette Dental Group dentist or specialist to receive the excellent benefits shown in your Summary of Benefits for your Willamette Dental Group plan.

Are there any dentists in the Willamette Valley?

Enhanced safety measures added to all dental offices – Read more for the latest updates.

How to find Oregon Health Plan dental plans?

This page lists the five dental plans that serve Oregon Health Plan members who are not enrolled in a coordinated care organization (CCO) for dental care. Enter your county’s name in the “Search” field, then click the blue button at the end of the field.

Are there limits to dental insurance in Oregon?

No Maximums. No Claim Forms. We believe dental insurance should be simple so we’ve eliminated the guessing game. Our plans have predictable copays giving members an easy path to follow for understanding their exact costs rather than being surprised by a bill.