Does visionworks have high index lenses?

Does visionworks have high index lenses?

High Index is our thinnest lens material and is recommended for patients with a high RX (greater than -4 to +4). This lens is always paired with premium non-glare.

What brand of progressive lenses does visionworks use?

MyFocal HD Progressive
Many optometrists and opticians also recommend that when you purchase progressive lenses you should buy the best the optical store has to offer. We recommend MyFocal HD Progressive lenses (sold exclusively at Visionworks) or one of the best Varilux brands.

How much are HD progressive lenses?

High-index lenses ($150 for single vision, $350 for progressives) are thinner and lighter than CR-39 or polycarbonate lenses, and they will work for even the strongest prescriptions. High-definition lenses ($310 for progressive HD lenses) offer sharper vision and better peripheral vision than standard technology.

What are the benefits of high definition eyeglasses?

The result is that high-definition lenses may provide sharper image quality, better peripheral vision, improved contrast sensitivity and less glare at night. Popular single vision high-definition eyeglass lenses include:

Who are the manufacturers of high definition eyeglass lenses?

In wavefront eyeglass lenses, the measurements drive a computer-controlled manufacturing process that creates customized, high-definition lenses. The first brand of wavefront eyeglass lenses introduced in the United States was iZon High Resolution Lenses, manufactured by Ophthonix.

What kind of eyeglasses do I get with Visionworks?

Receive free non-RX impact-resistant clear lenses with Smart Screen and anti-reflective coating with the purchase of any frame at full list price (starting at $69.95). Prescription lenses and sunglass lenses not included. Cannot be combined with insurance benefits or other offers. Some restrictions apply.

Can a high definition lens help with farsightedness?

You might benefit from high-definition lenses. Sometimes, higher-order aberrations can affect your vision, even if your prescription eyeglasses fully correct your nearsightedness, farsightedness and/or astigmatism.